A mobile first attitude was taken to respond to the huge increase in the number of users accessing Morrisons on their mobile devices and to ensure that all scaleable content was suitable and relevant for all customers.

Loyalty scheme communication with dynamic personailised content.

26 email templates were distilled into a much more manageable selection of 6. These were used as a basis for the whole eCRM programme, ranging from weekly trading emails and service messages to editorial communications and loyalty scheme updates.

Seasonal trading email with supporting links to editorial content.

Seasonal trading email desktop view in situ.

A strong grid was established to create good pacing through the communications.
The design process was streamlined with a Photoshop template. This included smart objects that only required the design team to create a series of assets. These automatically populated mobile and desktop layouts for the approval process.
A photoshop template was created to aid the design team in creating assets efficiently and to ensure consistency across all communications.
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