Existing online and in-store examples.

The existing website and in store experiences for Market Street are very disjointed. Research showed that the customer expected the online experience to be considerably closer to the in-store experience, with more emotional cues. Things that were felt should be replicated were the feelings of an abundance of fresh produce, friendly in-store experts, helpful and informative signage, strong brand messages, clearly marked offers, and clearly defined sections of the store for different produce. All things that are clearly present in store.

Inspiration of in-store flipped to provide the starting point for online.

To replicate the customer’s in-store journey, of front to back through the store, we flipped our inspiration on its head so the natural flow is maintained, but now scrolling top to bottom online. This allows users to have an in-store experience within the constraints of a digital environment.

Market Street landing page mimicking the hierarchy of in-store. Fruit and veg 'aisle' active.

Market Street landing page showing the meat 'aisle' active.

Greengrocer category page highlighting produce, expertise and offers. 

The emotive feeling of being in-store has been replicated online as closely as possible by:
Having a strong welcome message, emphasising that the customer is somewhere new.
Using big, full bleed portrait images of produce to more accuratly replicate the feeling of the rows of produce in-store and give the impression of produce abundance.
Bringing the in store tips and advice online to allow the user to make more informed choices based on expert knowledge (which is currently lacking online).
Integrating offers into the page to more closely mimic the in-store aisles.
Bringing in quick cues, ‘Fresh in’ , ‘In Season’, to make the produce relevant to the user and give it a reason for being displayed. Helps develop the idea of quality of produce over pushing product.
Introducing ways into the key areas of Market Street by using Market Street experts as the faces of the counter services. This adds the human element that is loved in-store but is missing online. 
Positioning the experts as ‘here to help’ in the footer reinforces the human element of Market Street and adds faces to the sections. Helps to introduce the idea that the content is from an expert.
All product images have the quickview button to allow product purchase.
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